Lee B. - Google Review

 "Jackie and I have been working together for 6 months in efforts to overhaul my body into something a little more fit. She shows a ton of knowledge about her field in question, aside from knowledge in the field the variety of work outs that have come my way she does them to. I’ve lost 30 pounds on this journey and went from XL to a Large in everything I wear. On top of weight my range of motion, speed, and stamina have improved drastically. I would and have recommended that anyone who is looking to reach a fitness goal talk to Jackie it’ll be worth your time!"  (1-on-1 in person client)

Erika M. - Google Review

  "Jackie has been my trainer for almost a whole year now and I couldn't be more satisfied. I started off just wanting to lose weight and after working with Jackie she has helped me achieve much more than that. I am stronger, I have more confidence and overall I feel better about myself. I would definitely recommend Jackie to anyone interested in pursuing weight loss or getting into shape."   (1-on-1 in person client) 

Shannon L.- Google Review

 "This program is fabulous!! I have taken 2 back to back 12 week sessions with her and each training program is well put together. Focusing on the whole body! Her life style focus is a huge bonus. She talks about working out like a life style, and how to make it work with your own busy everyday routines. Love Love Love it! "  (Badass Summer Challenge, New Years, Badass You 2.0 Challenge & Online Training client)

Ana P. - Google Review

 "It's been 6 months since I started working with Jackie and I couldn't be happier with the results. I wanted to loose weight and was mostly doing one hour of cardio and one hour of weight machines. Since I started working with Jackie, she's helped me reduce my time at the gym from 2 hours to 45-60 mins with workouts that are more effective, and she's helped me get toned as well. She has a holistic approach to weight loss by helping you through personalized workouts and goals, as well as nutrition coaching. She is an awesome trainer with a great attitude. She motivates you to give your 100%, and she helps give you that extra push when you think of making excuses for yourself. She helps you turn an "I can't do this" into a "Let's increase the weight" or "Let's do more reps". She has helped me believe in myself and feel confident about working out. If you are thinking of getting a trainer to help you achieve your workout goals, then I definitely recommend Jackie. You won't be disappointed!"  (1-on-1 in person client)  

Jessie S.

   "I attended Jackie's introduction to weight lifting for women and had a really great experience. Aside from her easy going, and energetic attitude she also uses humor to put her students at ease which makes an obvious difference as all of the ladies were laughing and smiling alongside her.  The knowledge of the class was very helpful to both the beginner as well as the people who were looking good for education of a proper form and add challenge to their routine. Well done Jackie you nailed it and she is indeed fit like a girl! I highly recommend this as a launch point if you are looking to tone up and get some great knowledge about fitness."  

Kristin C.

"Great instruction and such great interaction! Always follows up and checks in with you. Thanks for all the encouragement!"