About Live, Train, Love & Fight

Fit Like a Girl's Trademark


The trademark phrase for Fit Like a Girl is "Live Train Love & Fight".  It became my own motivation phrase because I live to train and love to fight.  For me, it has multiple meanings that I apply to my life.  

Live is to live your life to the fullest and live without regrets.  Living so that you don't look back one day and wish you've done more.  
Train is in reference to learning and growing as a person.  
Love means to love your life, your body and yourself.  Love yourself, your appearance, your intelligence! 
Fight refers to fighting for empowerment, equality, fighting bad habits, fighting excuses! 

The phrase Live Train Love & Fight should have a different meaning for everyone for what motivates them.


About Jackie

Photo by VanLeeuwen Photography

  I grew up on a dairy and beef farm  in rural Alberta with my parents and four siblings.  I lived the typical country life, helping out on the farm and lived an active lifestyle for most of my life.  I always participated in gym class and played basketball for a couple years in high school.  I joined JuJitsu at the age of 12 and have been practicing ever since.   I truculently hold my second degree black belt (called a NiDan) and teach and compete alongside my husband Ernie. 

           I became serious about fitness, weight lifting and training in 2015 and set out to becomes as fit as I could for life and learn as much as I can about fitness and nutrition.  I dedicated myself to becoming strong, healthy and continually improve as a martial artist and to making this a lifelong journey. 


In 2015  I started a blog about my fitness journey (See Blog ).  I decided I also wanted to make a business geared towards women in fitness and/or martial arts who work hard towards their own fitness goals and overall health.  My mission to help motivate and inspire girls in working for their own fitness goals.  
 In 2016, I obtained my Personal Training Certification through Canfit Pro.    

I personal train full time as well as I do online personal training.  

My mission as a personal trainer is to empower women to see the strength in themselves and see that they are strong as well as amazing, confident and can accomplish their goals.  That you can lift weights, run, fight, kickbox, whatever it is "like a girl" and that it is empowering and badass!